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Images of a selection of equipment for hire


image of fastfind PLB
McMurdo Fastfind
image of KTI PLB
image of KTI EPIRB

In the Snow

image of Yowies snowshoes
Yowies snowshoes
image of Kahtoola Microspikes
Kahtoola Microspikes
image of snow shovel
Black Diamond snow shovel

Images of "Campers Pantry" food products for sale

Please refer to the Campers Pantry website (opens in a new tab) for ingredient and allergen information.
Chicken in Apricot nectar
$15 / 110 gram
Tuna Mornay
$15 / 100 gram
Beef in Blackbean sauce
$15 / 110 gram
Balti Vegetable Curry
$15 / 80 gram
image of Apricot Chicken meal image of Tuna Mornay meal image of Beef in Blackbean Sauce meal image of Vegetable Curry meal
Cauliflower pieces
$7 / 25 gram
Carrot pieces
$7 / 20 gram
Green beans
$7 / 30 gram
Broccoli pieces
$7 / 25 gram
image of Cauliflower pieces pack image of Carrot pieces pack image of Freeze-dried Beans pack image of Freeze-dried Broccoli pieces pack