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406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) with GPS available for hire

A PLB is a device to assist in the location of a person carrying the beacon, in the event of an emergency.
Note: A PLB is similar to, but does not meet the legal requirements of, an EPIRB. Where law requires that an EPIRB be carried, a PLB can not be carried instead of an EPIRB.

This is a service offered by to people who:

How does it work?

We try to match up people who need to hire a PLB with people who have them available for hire. We receive a modest fee per year from owners of PLBs for providing this service and forwarding the details of people interested in hiring a PLB. If an owner does not receive any enquiries about the hire of their PLB, we will refund our fee!

It is up to the owner and the hirer to agree price and terms, and the owner is responsible for updating the registration details of their beacon for the duration of the trip.

So what do I do?

People wanting to hire PLBs

Why tie up your money if you only need to use a PLB infrequently?
Email us the details of the trip you need a PLB for. If we know of anyone that has a beacon available for hire we will try to put you in contact with them.
You agree a fee with the owner of the PLB for the trip you have in mind. It is intended that this will compare favourably to commercial rates.
A deposit is usually payable just in case you need to activate the beacon or are unable to return it at the agreed time.

If we cannot find someone who has a beacon available for the duration of your trip we will offer you one of our beacons at a discount.
If you would like to find out more about renting a PLB, please send us an email at

PLB owners

If you have one or more PLBs that you would like to make available for hire, you can list your PLB with us. Hiring out your PLB when you do not need it will allow you to recover some of your investment. You agree a fee with the person who wants to hire your PLB for the trip they have in mind. Accepting a deposit will ensure that you get your PLB back on time, and provide for servicing if your beacon is activated. Email us to find out more about registering your PLB at

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