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New to Snow-camping?

Snow camping. Some people just don't get the attraction. Actually, there are a lot of people who are yet to discover how awesome snow camping is! Experience the pure joy of poking your head out of your tent in the morning to find that snow has fallen overnight.

If you don't feel up to skiing with a pack on your back, hiking with snowshoes is a great way to get out in the snow. We like the Yowie snowshoes as they are attached to your entire boot, not just the toe of your boot. Yowies are available in two sizes.

Another option if you are going to be walking on ice around the ski resort is Kahtoola MICROspikes. MICROspikes are available in four sizes.

A snowshovel is invaluable in preparing your campsite. Even better for your back if the shovel handle length is adjustable!

Some suggestions for equipment to take:

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Some locations in Victoria to get into snow camping:

A few tips to make your trip more enjoyable:

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