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Hiking/Snow camping equipment

Hire or buy?

Sometimes, it's hard to know whether to buy or hire items of equipment. Maybe you are trying out a new activity, and want to know a bit more before deciding whether to buy specialised equipment. Or, you have some experience but are not ready to spend a lot of money on items you will only use once or twice a year.

Obviously, the most important things to buy are the general use items such as a pack, sleeping bag and mattress, clothing and boots, torch/headlamp, tent, and a stove. Gas stoves are affordable and a great entry point, but the fuel can be expensive. Some types of gas canister can also be hard to find. Multi-fuel stoves can be a good investment in the medium term, and can use petrol (probably the cheapest liquid fuel you can get, and the most readily available!), but they can be relatively expensive.

Specialised equipment that you will only use infrequently (such as snow camping equipment) can be hired.

That's where we can help!

Hiking/Snow camping Equipment for hire

Hiking with snowshoes is a great way to get out in the snow. We like the Yowie snowshoes as they are attached to your entire boot, not just the toe of your boot. Yowies are available in two sizes. Another option if you are going to be walking on ice around the ski resort is Kahtoola MICROspikes. MICROspikes are available in four sizes.

A snowshovel is invaluable in preparing your campsite. Even better for your back if the shovel handle length is adjustable!

1 day
2-4 days
5-7 days
8+ days
Snowshoes Yowie
Snowshovel - light duty
Snowshovel Black Diamond
Snow probe - 2.4m Mammut
Snow/ice spikes for shoes Kahtoola
Trekking pole (one/pair)
Black Diamond
ask us
GPS receiver (topo maps) Garmin Etrex 20x (1)
Emergency beacons (EPIRB/PLB/avalanche) (2)
Please see our emergency beacons page

(1) Provided without batteries - please provide your own Alkaline-type AA batteries
(2) Avalanche beacons are provided without batteries - please provide your own Alkaline-type AAA batteries

Prices do not include delivery and are as at August 2019.

We require proof of identity and a refundable cash security deposit


Yowies snowshoes - Information about how to correctly fit Yowies snowshoes to your boots

Food packs for sale

We offer some commercially prepared food packs for sale. Dehydrated vegetables make a great complement to a basic meal. Complete meal packs are handy to have as a "one pot" meal, or as an emergency meal option if your trip hasn't gone to plan!

Item Brand Price Information
Meal packs (1) Campers Pantry $15 / pack Choose from:
Vegetable packs (1) Campers Pantry $7 / pack

(1) Please refer to the Campers Pantry website for ingredients and allergen information (opens in a new tab).

Prices do not include delivery and are as at August 2019.

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